9.5"/240mm Sujihiki Slicing Knife - Artisan Miyabi 6000MCT

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9.5"/240mm Sujihiki Slicing Knife - Artisan Miyabi 6000MCT

The long, pointed SUJIHIKI knife with ergonomic handle is ideal for cutting meat and fish and is also easy to clean. The wooden handle makes the knife comfortable to hold and makes it easier to cut at a variety of different angles.

The Miyabi SUJIHIKI has a micro carbide MC63 powder steel blade core sandwiched between two layers of steel. A number of specially-developed processes, which include ice hardening at -196 degrees, are used to give knives in the MIYABI 6000MCT range their exceptional hardness. The double-edged blade is hammered into an authentic Japanese shape and is honed by hand using the Honbazuke technique to achieve a hardness of approximately Rockwell 63

The slightly curved, swan-neck handle is made from cocobolo pakkawood. The wood has a traditional shape and fits the hand comfortably. The handle's internal weight system also ensures that you can work with a wide variety of cutting techniques with equal ease. The Miyabi SUJIHIKI knife is a robust, flexible, durable knife that you are sure to reach for time and time again.

• Size: 9.5" / 240 mm
• Blade core made of MicroCarbide MC63 powder steel embedded in 2 layers of steel. This provides a hardness of approx. 63 Rockwell. (International standard unit of measurement for hardness)
• CRYODUR® ice-hardened blades provide particularly good cutting edge retention, corrosion resistance and optimum blade flexibility.
• Authentic Japanese blade profile with Tsuchime look (hammered finish).
• The symmetrical blade with ultra-sharp Honbazuke edge ensures incredible sharpness.
• Dimensionally-stable pakka wood handle for perfect balance, outstanding comfort and fatigue-free cutting with all cutting techniques; sophisticated dark wood look.
• Made in Japan
• All MIYABI products are fully guaranteed against defects in material and /or craftsmanship.

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